Wednesday, June 15, 2016

because I have other kids too.....


Adri got a Polaroid camera for her birthday and she's been having so much fun with it!
(On the swings at Lagoon)
Adri had a party every day (not exaggerating) before she left for EFY at BYU in Provo. She had to see everyone & fit it all in before she left for the summer.  She really has great friends!

 She had an amazing week at EFY- better than last year even!  She made some great new friends and received such a spiritual boost!  Corina picked her up Saturday morning and then drove her straight to the bus stop on her way to Ponderosa Resort in Zion's National Park.

She will be working as a pool girl again until school starts.  Wahhhh!  Many tears were shed saying goodbye to our girl!  (We will get to see her on our family vacation coming up!  6 more days!)

Anna's bf CJ - love this kid!
Megan & Claire

Anna's had a lot of fun so far this summer hanging with her squad!  They've watched scary movies, gone swimming, played basketball, had waterfights, and just messed around a bunch!  I brought her to Logan on Monday for EFY.  She's sent me a few pictures and says she's having a great experience! Can't wait to pick her up on Saturday and hear all the details!!

roommate Natalie

Lea, Landon & Mason
yep, those are Dave's feet coming out of that box!

lost another tooth!
Lea did Landon's hair - haha!

Lea graduated from Kindergarten!!  

we love Mrs. Ramsey!
Just watching the clouds!

Akayla & Dex

These 2 are living in Vegas for the summer.  They're both working hard and having a lot of fun with Dex's family.  Newlywed life is so fun!  They're having all kinds of great experiences!  Akayla's teaching Dex's little sister piano lessons and working as a sort-of secretary for a great company.  Dex is working construction, and luckily he doesn't complain about the 45 story, 130 degree building he's working in!  Blech!  We miss them!!!!!

Corina & Daniel

Corina & Daniel are expecting a baby!  I'm so happy for them, and I'm super excited to be a grandma!  It's been too long since we've had a baby in this house!!  Corina is not enjoying the morning sickness (all-the-time sickness) hopefully she'll be feeling better soon!  They are coming with us on our trip next week -- so excited!!  

Mars has gotten to babysit these cute boys a bunch this summer -
she loves them so much!

I love that Mariah's friends include little sisters - Elli & Ava

These girls can cook!!  Their cupcakes were DELICIOUS!

I'm not even kidding when I say Mariah has the cutest group of friends!  They've spent lots of time at our house the past few weeks.  They love trying crazy things, and they also love watching scary movies with the guys.  They're stinkin' adorable!


first selfie ;)
 Elli's best friend moved to Utah the last day of school.  It's been a tough adjustment.
She has other friends, and she loves hanging out with her sisters but it's still sad to lose a friend!  
She has been a great help this summer with all the older kids gone!  She's such a responsible and sweet girl!  She turned 9 this month, and we had a fun family party.  Elli doesn't need a lot to be happy - she just wanted a "dirt cake" (crushed oreos on a chocolate cake with gummy worms) and pesto pasta.  

Ice cream for dinner!  Everyone deserves a treat after a busy Saturday!

Dancing in the Rain!

Tanner's favorite girl Emily

we all went out to dinner after Tanner's graduation -
Pizza Pie Cafe

one of Tanner's best friends, Malorie

Tanner turned 18 this month and some of his best friends threw him a surprise party at our house!  I love these kids and I will miss several of them when they leave on missions and for college!  The others will still be here with Adri next year!  

Tanner works 10-12 hour days at the shop, and he's exhausted when he gets home.  But his mission fund is getting nice and full.  Tanner is the sweetest big brother, and the little kids swarm around him when he gets home.  He tickles and wrestles with them, he puts puzzles together with them, and gives piggy back rides.  I just love watching them together.  They don't realize he only has a couple more months with us.  My littles won't be so little in 2 years!  I think Tanner is very aware of that so he isn't wasting any precious time with them.  

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