Monday, December 6, 2010

snow day

My Academy kids (Adri, Anna and Mars) had the whole week of Thanksgiving off

but the rest of the kids (Akayla, Corina, Tanner and my hubby Dave - still a kid) didn't get off until Wednesday.

What a fun surprise to wake up to tons of snow and tons of texts from friends saying they didn't have to go to school on Tuesday.....

especially since it was finals day!

I bet you can guess who played in the snow all day right? If you said everyone but mom, Lea, Akayla and Corina you guessed right!!

We stayed inside and worked on some projects while the rest of the kids froze and had a blast outside!

Elli all bundled up

so glad Tanner thinks it's fun to shovel snow still!

Mars and Anna searching through boxes to find things that fit

The thing I hate most about winter: piles and piles of coats, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, snow pants, etc. but I am grateful to have them and to have a place (garage) for all the mess!!

good things:
an extra long week off
hot chocolate & fuzzy blankets
kleenex with lotion


Annie and Family said...

Piles and piles of coats... me too! I also have puddles and puddles from melting snow on my kitchen floor. One day I will live in a house with a mud room. Sigh. Are you almost done with your Christmas projects?

Marley Family said...

I love snow days! I wish they would happen more often! It was so nice to have an extra day of Thanksgiving break.

Heidi said...

Those winter clothes are my pet peeve too.. but I love having Dan as my shoveler. I peeked out to check on him the other day after he was out for more than an hour and I saw him shoveling the road! It's nice having worker boys to do the cold stuff for us.

Anonymous said...

That pic of Elli is adorable! I'm glad Tanner is good about shoveling the snow. I'm a bit worried about dad as he gets older, since none of his kids will shovel it for him :) I remember how much I loved snow as a kid... it's just not the same when you get older, hmm? haha


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prisca said...

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