Wednesday, February 23, 2011

oh yeah!!

Best part about being home with NO siblings during the day?

Free reign of the barbies and barbie house!!

Every one of my girls has loved barbies....some have played with them longer and enjoyed them more.

Elli loves loves loves them.
She loves to change their clothes.
She loves to "fix" their hair.
She loves to get them all dressed up for a ball.
She loves to drive them around.
She loves to give them all crazy names (like Marmeemedusa).

She makes me laugh!!!

good things:
modest clothes for barbies

kids who can find something fun to do no matter what

beautiful new barbies with smooth hair (until they take a swim in the bathtub!!)


Heidi said...

That was one of Emily's favorite part about visiting your house. She got a princess Barbie for Christmas but didn't realize that Barbie's can't do the splits without breaking a leg!

Annie and Family said...

I started modge podging a swin suit on our barbies. They are still easy to dress up... now we have less naked barbies.

Anna Crowe said...

I was just talking this weekend with my sis Jenn about playing with Barbies when we were young! Her playing consisted of hours of building things for them (my parents were poor forcing some serious creativity), and then playing the "meet-date-marry" life cycle for 10 minutes and then being done. My time playing consisted of spending hours setting up a huge "house" all over my room, and then playing elaborate story lines of sisters, in-laws, boyfriends, marriages, babies (I had a "family barbie" with twin little baby barbies), etc.

My well-kept red Barbie Ferrari is parked in its original box in my garage. So excited for when Naomi's older...