Tuesday, March 1, 2011

love notes

Every couple of days Mariah gets a love note from one of 2 boys in her class

It used to be cute.

Lately they've been getting a little more aggressive in showing their love for her.

Love notes every day and fighting over who gets to play with her at recess.

A week ago one of the boys was crying saying Mariah liked the other boy more.

The love notes consist of:

Dear Mariah,

I like you.

Do you like me?



(with boxes of course for her to checkmark)

Yesterday we were all giggling about it when my husband came in and demanded to know the story. (He doesn't like boys liking his girls)

He proceeded to tell us all that in 1st grade boys & girls shouldn't like each other and that she should tell the boys that she is only their friend so they better stop it!

Then I reminded him of a story his mother told me........

When little David was in 1st grade he had a big crush on a girl and they had to do a dance together.
At the end of the dance he snuck a kiss (on the cheek) and quickly ran off!

We all got a good laugh from that and the conversation ended.

Oh, and Mariah secretly loves all the attention from her 2 admirers!

Mariah & one of the boys....James. He pretty much follows her around everywhere and told her that when they get older he hopes she'll marry him.

good things:
the sunshine coming through our windows
only 4 days of school this week
a phone call from a long lost friend

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Jamie said...

Oh little crushes are so cute! And...Mariah is just beautiful! I don't blame any of those boys! ;) I remember my Dad being so protective of us. Patrick hasn't had to do that yet! :)

And Angela, thanks for your comment. I really really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to share with me some special rituals your family does. We're definitely going to try implementing those into our family. And if you think of any more, let me know! You are such an example to me of a perfect mother and person.