Friday, December 25, 2015


What an amazing few months it's been.... and I've been enjoying every minute.  I haven't taken any time to blog even though there have been plenty of things I've wanted to say.

I'll go back in time soon especially since I have a whole week off, but for now I just want to blog about the last week.

Having all 10 of my kids home has been like a dream come true.  

It's almost felt like we went back in time for just a little while.

Dave, Akayla, Tanner and I drove to Utah Friday evening and met Corina and Daniel at the Salt Lake Temple.  We braved the crowds, saw all the beautiful Christmas lights, and felt the beautiful spirit there on the grounds at temple square.  

We stayed at my parents house and the next morning met all of my siblings and their significant others at a restaurant for an adults only Christmas party.  We had great food and played some fun games.  It was a great day with family!

That night Corina drove back with us because she agreed to play a musical number with us on Sunday and Daniel still had to work.   It was so fun to have her here, but we were happy when Daniel was finally able to come!

We had some really sweet moments leading up to Christmas.

Each night we focus on one character in the nativity story.  
We share scriptures, tears, and spiritual experiences.

We've also played a bunch and it's been noisy and messy!  

I really struggle with letting the mess go, but if I don't ignore some of it we'll either all be constantly cleaning and never have any fun or I'll just be constantly annoyed. 

I have to admit I can't help but keep thinking this will be the last Christmas like this....
Next year Tanner will be on his mission, and who knows how long Akayla and Corina will be around.  Most likely Akayla will be married next year, and grandkids and other wonderful things are in our future.  Life is constantly changing.  I'm ok with that now.  I've embraced the change.  But I do enjoy having my whole family here more than anything in this world!

Christmas Eve pj's

It's a Ferrara Thing.... You Wouldn't Understand
(I ordered these sweatshirts a year ago and they were back-ordered....
they finally came in a couple months ago!!)

Johnson Christmas Party at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage

A twist on the White Elephant Game

the BYU game -- must have been a slow part :)

We went to see Corina & Daniel's house &
got some pictures of them before their
fancy work party!

The whole Ferrara family driving to church in Bertha!!
(My pooooor kids are so embarrassed!)
(excuse my dorky smile!)

Shepard's Night -- our sweetest tradition preparing for Christmas
Akayla's new Nebraska jacket --
she will always have a love for Nebraska
and the people there


good things:
another fabulous year
tears of joy

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