Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 days!!

Whew!  Things are wild at the Ferrara house lately... I can't believe in 10 days my little girl will be getting married!  It's a fun crazy of course, but hard to find time to dedicate to quiet blogging at the computer.  I wonder if this is just my new normal and I should just schedule it like I have to schedule everything else in my week in order for it to get done.

Akayla and Dex got engaged the end of January.  They will be married in the Salt Lake temple on April 15th....next Friday.  The reception is the next day and 2 weeks later in Vegas.  My whole room has exploded in wedding stuff, but it has been soooo fun planning another wedding (though a tiny bit stressful)!  Akayla has a great job at the Black Swan Inn.  She works at the front desk and she also does housekeeping so she's keeping really busy along with online classes.  Dex is at BYU I until today's finals are over and then he's going home to Vegas to spend a week with his family before the wedding! So they've only been able to see each other on the weekends, but he comes to stay and we love getting to have him here.

cooking together -- making wontons

they took a trip to Vegas together
so Akayla could meet Dex's family
we have all enjoyed  having Akayla home for
awhile until she gets married
sneak peak - trying on wedding dresses
Engagement pictures taken by my
 oh-so-talented Sister-in-Law!

Corina & Daniel came for a visit a little bit ago.  They're in the thick of school and work.  They're still cute newlyweds and we sure wish we could see them more!  Daniel works full time at DOMO, and takes night classes.  Corina takes a full load of classes at BYU and will be finished with all her generals this semester!  She decided to change her major to Psychology, so that's a new thing.  We're all hoping they'll have time for us this summer!  Daniel celebrated his birthday in February so Corina posted this silly picture on facebook.  They're so goofy and Daniel fits perfectly into our crazy family!

Tanner went to LA for a week for a work trip.  It's great that he has such a good job and that they appreciate what a hard worker he is!  He puts 90% of his earnings into his mission fund.  He just started his last trimester of his senior year, and he started his mission papers a couple weeks ago!  We just have a few more things to take care of before they're submitted.  Now that the weather is getting so nice he spends as much time as possible outside training with his parkour buddies.  They're pretty amazing.....and crazy!  Adri talked him into joining choir this last trimester so they can have one class together.  They are still best friends, and she will probably have the hardest time when he leaves for his mission.

look at this cute little boy.....
hard to believe he graduates in 2 months!

parkour master!

Adriana has had several exciting things happen.... Licensed to drive, Trouveres choir tour to California, Trouveres auditions for next year (her #1 dream! She's worked so hard and wanted this sooooo much!) SHE MADE IT!! Her 16th birthday, first date, PROM and EFY.  She spends most of her free time with friends and a certain cute boy, but she still managed to get amazing grades this trimester.  She found out that she will be for sure working at Zions National Park Ponderosa Resort for the summer.  She will be gone most of the summer, but she'll be able to get a huge chunk of money in the bank.

so happy to finally be driving!!

Annalisa had a birthday in February and turned 14.  She went to her first stake dance and had a great time!  She got a new flute for her birthday just in time for State Honor's Band.  She had a great experience and is excited about trying band in High School.  She is also getting excited about EFY, but she's going to Logan a few weeks after Adri goes to the Provo EFY so she's a little nervous to go by herself.  I just know it's going to be an amazing experience!  She's grown up so much this past year!  Can't believe she goes to high school in the fall though - not ready for that!

new baby cousin Evelyn

Lea plays often with a cute little girl in her class.  They love to dance and dress up.  Lea loves school and wishes she could go every day (every other day Kindergarten, blech!).  She lost her 2 teeth on the bottom and her top 2 teeth are loose now.  She turned 6 and suddenly she seems like a big girl!

these 2 girls really do love each other!

Elora is loving clogging this year, and she is doing really well at piano!  Violin isn't her favorite, but she's getting better and better every day!  She has tons of natural talent with music.  She loves to sing, talks a ton and is super dramatic -- so we think she's Adri's twin.  She is also a big tease and loves playing jokes on us.  Little stinker!

Elli presenting her big project about the water cycle 

Elli and her clogging duet partner at the Idaho State competition
Landon & Mason are still little crazy monsters!  They love to play outside on the play-set and in the sand, and typically they play great together with several little (really dumb) fights scattered throughout the day.  They sneak things and get into things they shouldn't, but they're also pretty good about helping to pick things up and obey.  Landon wishes he could play on the kindle all day, but we are mean about that and he only gets it when I am teaching and only for a short time.

they both got super sick at the same time, poor babies!
Mariah had her 12th birthday last weekend and it was a great one!  It happened to be the week of Spring break so she thought all her friends would forget her, but several posted instagram happy birthdays to her, and a group of them stopped by in the evening to surprise her and spend some time with her on her birthday!  Since it was spring break we got to have a couple cousins over for the weekend, and Dave took her and Amora to Outer Limits to play all the fun arcade games.  They ended up with 800 tickets so it was a good time. Mariah got all 1sts at the Idaho State Clogging Competition, and she received a special award for having all 1sts on her solos.  She's pretty much amazing!  Her team got to dance at the ISU basketball halftime twice, and it was really fun!  (She's standing right behind the bengal's left arm/hand on the right side of the picture - the 2nd one in on the right) Mars is the selfie queen so I had to include a few of her pictures. I think she's adorable!

Mars & Libbs
making brownies

her Aztec city for school

I have been pretty wrapped up in planning a wedding.  I'm afraid until my list is completely crossed off it consumes my mind most of the time.  There are lots of little details to finish up with, and then I can breathe easy!  I've also been getting all my students ready for AIM (similar to festival but they also have a theory, technic & ear training exam to pass along with performing for a judge).  I have an amazing group of students and I love them!  Right now I'm teaching 37 students - and you'd think I would be crazy, but I really do like doing it.  I also love that my kids can come in and see me while I'm working, and that I'm still at home with them!

a fancy tea party to celebrate Mozart's birthday
with a few of my students
Dave has nearly finished a wedding video to be shown at the reception next weekend.  It makes me cry every single time I watch it and I can't wait for Akayla and Dex to see the finished product!  He is so talented!  He is going to start teaching an online religion class for BYU-I starting this summer, and he will continue teaching seminary (his very favorite thing to do).  We used to think he'd want to teach institute (college aged) eventually, but he just really loves being where his own kids are and teaching high school kids to love the gospel!  He also joined a community band and has rehearsals just once a week.  It's been fun for him to get his t-bone skills back up!

A few snapshots of the whole family.......

This is what happens when everyone has an electronic device out.....
luckily it's not like this very often!

when Studio C is turned on my kitchen computer-
everyone has to stop and watch

just missing Adri (she was partying with her friends) and Mason

We love to have fancy tea parties where everyone "dresses up".
The only requirement is that we put our pinkies up!
I love seeing all these beautiful people on my wall!  I'm so blessed I get to call them mine!

my recent project -- just have a couple more pictures to put up!

Life is grand.  We just keep plugging right along, and we're happy.

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