Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year Spotlights

So we are almost to the middle of the school year, but this is a tradition I don't want to skip on.  I love remembering my kids at each age and their likes/dislikes, and especially their thoughts.  They grow up so fast!  I think especially once they hit 12-13 time just starts zoooooooming!  We had a photo session with my friend Meloni before Tanner left on his mission, and I love these so much.  
age 16

Favorites ----
Food: smoothies, stuffed shells and sour-patch watermelon candy
Song/Artist: songs that talk about loving life & living to the fullest.  Also songs about strong women who don't need boys to be happy
Movie: Charly
Things I like to do when I don't have to do anything: play guitar & ukelele, sing, reading beautiful literature, planning trips to exotic places, quality time with siblings and going on adventures with friends
New this Year: dating, working at Pizza Pie Cafe, blonde, early morning Trouvere's (singing/performing group), oldest Ferrara at the high school, & teaching piano lessons
Future Goals:  BYU-Hawaii or Study abroad program through BYU-I in Europe, go on a mission, and married in the temple
Fears: Not finding the right guy, and not meeting my potential
age 14

Favorites ----
Food: anything I make myself - I love to cook! Popcorn, cheesecake & ice cream
Song/Artist: anything pop & fun with a beat
Movie: Percy Jackson & other adventure movies
Things I like to do when I don't have to do anything: Netflix, texting, hanging out with friends, anything outdoors and with animals
New this Year: High School, seminary, church dances, lots of new friends, and Freshman Choir
Future Goals:  Culinary School, married in the temple and have horses and a dog
Fears:  Talking to new people
age 12

Favorites ----
Food:  Pasta, potato soup, & cheesecake
Song/Artist:  Alessia Cara - Seventeen, How Far I'll Go, & Scars To Your Beautiful
Movie:  Adventure, Inspirational & Romantic movies
Things I like to do when I don't have to do anything:  hang out with friends, read, sing, explore, dance & play basketball
New this Year:  only Ferrara in Middle School, no more braces, cello lessons, new bedroom, YW at church, girl's camp, & new friends at school
Future Goals:  go to BYU, go on a mission, & have an eternal family
Fears:  having to move and leave friends behind or change everything
age 9

Favorites ----
Food:  Pesto pasta, & popcorn
Song/Artist: everything by 5th Harmony
Movie:  Heaven is for Real
Things I like to do when I don't have to do anything:  Barbies with Lea, make musically's, watch movies, play with friends, play on my ipod, drawing, and singing
New this Year:  oldest Ferrara in elementary school, violin & best friend moved
Future Goals:  Be an actress & singer and a mom
Fears:  Spiders
age 6

Favorites ----
Food:  Pesto pasta & ice cream
Song:  Would you still love me?  Anything her sisters like
Movie: Trolls
Things I like to do when I don't have to do anything: Barbies with Elli, playing with friends, drawing & coloring, dress-ups, and watching movies
New this Year: new front teeth & lots of spaces in my mouth, 5 days-a week in school, reading, clogging, and soccer
What I wanna be when I grow up: I want to work at Wal Mart because I get money
Fears: the dark
age 5

Favorites ----
Food: goldfish, cereal, spagetti, and chocolate
Movie:  Finding Nemo & Trolls
Things to do when I don't have to do anything:  write letters to tanner & draw pictures, play trucks & dinosaurs, play on the kindle, ride bikes, play outside, and watch movies
New this Year: preschool, soccer, & learned to ride his bike
What I wanna be when I grow up:  a teacher like dad and even a snowcone maker (straight from his mouth!)
Fears:  monsters
age 3

Favorites ----
Food: bread with jelly
Movie/Show: Dinotrux
Things to do when I don't have to do anything: play dinosaurs & cars, read lots of books, snuggle with mom, run as fast as Flash, play in the sandbox & tricks on the tramp
New this Year: potty trained!!!  Big boy in primary now
What I wanna be when I grow up:  The Flash
Fears: zombies

And of course - we can't forget my other 3 kids even if they don't live here any more!!

Corina & Daniel

New baby is due in 2 weeks, Daniel started in a new position at work, Corina got a 4.0 at BYU last semester and is taking this next one off to care for her new baby, and they still live in Pleasant Grove Utah.

Akayla & Dex
Living in Vegas until February, both have great jobs & the perfect living situation for now but are ready for their own place & change, bought a nice new car so they could come visit us for less gas money, school & work is their life right now, and hoping for a baby in 2017!

Elder Tanner Ferrara

He has been serving in a tiny town - Buffalo Wyoming for the past 3 months and having amazing growing experiences!  We loved skyping him on Christmas, and we know he is happy (even though it's hard sometimes) and really learning to LOVE his mission and the people he is serving.  

good things:
online journals
snow days
helpful kids


Handsfullmom said...

This was fun to read! My oldest is graduating in May, so I'm just trying to savor my last year with her at home. It's fun to see your older ones doing so many exciting things, though. Please tell me that stage is awesome too. I'm kind of sad that I won't have all my little ones at home together anymore.

stevenjared0853 said...

Oh my god, new year, road trip, plenty of clicks, food and such flawless smiles are way too extraordinary. Have heard of innumerable party venue from my friends and longing to book one for our boutique exhibition cum sale. Want to sell of my old stock and also launch my new collection too.

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