Monday, October 3, 2016

thoughts about September

Life just moves along at an ever-increasing pace.

I remember when I had only young kids people would tell me to enjoy it now because it goes so fast.  
I used to feel annoyed by that sometimes because I thought I was enjoying it even though it was hard.

I think once you get to the point that your kids are leaving you wish you had taken more time to have fun when your kids were little.

I'm not very good at that.

I always think work comes first and then fun.

But in all reality -- the work is NEVER done.

I'm really good at taking the moments to talk and laugh with my kids.

They are truly my best friends (along with my sweetheart of course).

But, I need to take my kids out and play more!

The weekend before Tanner left on his mission we took our kids to the Wellness Center right up the road from us.  We played soccer, volleyball, and had a delicious picnic.  It was a perfect night, and I'll forever remember that day.  I seriously don't remember if my house was clean that day or if I got all my laundry done.  It was just a little piece of heaven.  

Tanner has been gone for over a month now and it's gone really fast.

I got to talk to him for 45 minutes when he flew out to Montana.

He taught me a really important lesson from his time at the Missionary Training Center.  This is from his email at the MTC:   Prayer has been my absolute best friend! At first the days were so very long and they got increasingly worse. I didnt wanna be here, I missed home and all you guys, I didnt like my companion or my district, I hated everything! Then an answer to my prayers came. I had been worrying about the "I" in everything. I was homesick. I didn't like everyone. I didn't like this place. I was having a rough time. In my prayers I kept saying: help me feel better. Help me do better.....I prayed really really hard to be able to turn away from myself and lose myself for his sake. I just got on my knees and said "Ok Im here. Do what you will with me." I knew I needed to forget myself and so I tried it! I prayed to love my companion and love what I was doing and more importantly I prayed for others to feel comfort and I prayed for my investigators....and Honestly I havent even thought about home in a sad way since then! I absolutely love my companion. I love my district. I love this work. I love it here!  You don't need to worry about me:) One of the biggest lessons Ive learned so far is how much I need my savior and really how to rely on him. I love the gospel and I know it is the truth! 

I'm so proud of that boy!  It is much easier for me when I know he's happy.
I'm totally going to use that too - I need to stop thinking of me and let the Lord lead my actions.

Life is hard.  We might as well laugh and love and have faith and help each other get through it!

the district 

good things:
Monday p-day (missionary e-mails coming soon!)
walking on grass without shoes
fuzzy jackets

Friday, August 26, 2016

a little peek into the end of Summer....

so many great people came to support Tanner!
We had a whole day with all 10 kids (last time in 2 years),
including our married daughters & their hubbies.
We had family pictures taken and had a lovely day!

Corina was napping -- it's exhausting being pregnant!
Aren't these girls lovely?!

some of the friends that came - love these people!

Tanner's best friend since 4th grade came from
Arizona and surprised him
 (Josh Pratt on the left)

Dex & Akayla drove all the way from Vegas just for a couple days...
we sure love and miss them!

Tanner's best friend Emily....gonna be hard to leave her!

Our fruit trees are producing like crazy!
Dave threatened our cherry tree last year that if it 
didn't produce this year it would be cut down!  
We had cherries coming out of our ears this summer!!

 Mason loves to hold his baby cousin Evelyn!

Picnic at the park with friends from Illinois & Dave's brother Jim (and family)

Tanner's first time through the temple.
We chose the Logan temple because the
Idaho Falls temple is being remodeled.
It was a wonderful experience!

 Mason with toothpaste in his hair....long story!

4th of July!!

We couldn't get enough of these this summer
so we finally bought our own shaved ice machine.....
it's better than you can get anywhere!!

Mars & Elli had a lot of fun together 
this summer marking off their bucket list!

They went and found wildflowers and made their own flower crowns!!

just have to add this picture with Mariah's beautiful red hair!

Tanner has spent a lot of time this summer
preparing for his mission.
He's been working tons and has done some
pretty amazing projects (I'll do another post on that).
Gonna miss this boy!


2 weddings in the family this summer 
only 2 weeks apart!! 

my little sister Carissa & her new husband Rick
I'm so happy these 2 found each other - what a joyous day!

so happy these 2 made the trip out this summer!

love my girl!

my 2 oldest beauties!

preparing for the reception -- such good helpers!

it was an exhausting day --
Mason didn't make it through the reception

my baby brother Foster & lovely wife Kenzie

cute little cousins!

I love this picture with all the kids --
these 2 are so great with all the nieces & nephews

Just enjoying the beautiful summer nights!

Anna & her 2 best friends - CJ and Megan

dad helped the kids build an awesome fort!
they slept here for at least a week and told lots of "scary" stories!

 Adri worked at Zion's National Park 
for most of the summer - we were all super 
happy when she finally got home!  

I got lots of snapchats of Adri with different cute boys -
she went on a lot of dates this summer!

Adri went on lots of great hikes - it's her favorite thing in the world!

water fight!

playing "Down by the Banks" for family night

Cool Rain in the park with the Fire Department!

starting soccer
Landon, Lea & Mason invited their cousins
(Jacob & Alex) over for a sleepover in the tent!

that's my grandbaby right there!!
celebrating our 22nd wedding 
anniversary with a weekend getaway!

Mars got to spend a week at her 
cousin's house in Utah- we missed her 
soooo much but she had such a great time!!

gotta spend a few afternoons watching Netflix and bingeing on popcorn!

Anna & Mars went to Girl's Camp!

Steadman's Farm waterslide!

Just a few more parties before school starts --
Adri & her boys!

Back to School shopping & lunch at Panda Express

Youth Temple Trip
Tanner got to go and do some of the baptizing.
Annalisa said it was awesome having her brother 
there doing the baptizing - 
it made the experience even more special!

5 lovelies on the first day of school!
I will admit I cried for a few days, 
but things are going well.
It's going to be a great year!

Annalisa is a freshman at Highland High School
and she gets to be in seminary with her daddy!

good things:
livin' it up!
school clothes fashion show
family visiting