Friday, March 3, 2017

January/February recap

We've had a couple of busy/happy months around here.....

*Our first grandbaby was born
*I went to Pleasant Grove to help Corina & Daniel for several days
*The rest of the family stayed here and kept things running smoothly
*more snow than we've EVER had in Pocatello
*3 snow days (unheard of in these parts)
*2 birthdays
*Dave teaching new Institute & BYU-Idaho online courses
*choir concerts
*track started
Tanner (Elder Ferrara) passed the 6 month mark on his mission
*extra dance practices for competition next weekend
*trip to Utah
*Scarlett's baby blessing & big family brunch
*Akayla & Dex moved to Utah
*Dave was keynote speaker at our ward's youth conference retreat
*Awards Assembly at Elementary School

Scarlett Olivia Schroeder
9 lbs. 8 oz.
20 in.

Uncle Mason

hooray for electronics on long trips 
All the Aunts & Uncles...... 

"just call me pops!"

the boys love to sit on Bumpa's lap during church

having a motor home is the BEST way to travel!!

cute little fuzzy bear in her blessing dress

Great Great Grandma Johnson

5 generations.... it's a pretty terrible picture, but it's a pretty special too

playing Head Bands with Bumpa and Dex

snow day-- swimming in the jetted tub!

Dave finally took the lights and tree down in February.
Because of all the snow it still felt like Christmas

Lea was so sweet to lay by Mason when he was scared

best thing to do on a snow day -- build a snowman!

these girls are best friends!

youth conference in Lava Hot Springs

Mason falls asleep in all kinds of funny places

this picture cracks me up -
Landon's shoes are too big but the only ones we could find,
 and Mason insisted on wearing "glubs" even though it's warm outside!

We had to get out of the house so we went to Jump In and got out lots of energy!

Lea turned 7
She wanted pesto pasta and a princess cake

Lea desperately wanted glasses, but the eye dr. said her eyes aren't
bad enough so we got some cheap ones at wal mart.
These are the ones she picked!
Anna turned 15
She just wanted Costco cheesecake for dessert,
and her big birthday surprise was drivers ed starting the next week! 

Landon made a robot face on this paper towel
and walked around like a robot all night

both girls were given the Fantastic Falcon award this trimester

Elder Ferrara was transferred to another small town in Wyoming
 (still waiting for him to end up in Montana sometime)
His companion is Elder Simmons and they are tearing up the place!

I love this picture - I think it's a perfect winter missionary picture!

Adri performed in the Requiem with another high school
and the orchestra with her friend Davin
We're all hoping for warm weather soon, and we're very anxious for Spring Break at the end of this month!

good things:
new baby smells
supportive family
a day with no lessons

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