Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today someone from Ferrara, Italy visited my blog.

I think that's pretty cool!

It's especially cool because that's where my husband's family originated.

Someday we will go there - we went past it on a train to Naples back in 1999, but we were on a schedule and couldn't stop.


One of the best things about being in Italy was that no-one mispronounced our name.
Here in the US we get all kinds of crazy pronunciations - FerrEra, Fiera, FerrERo, Fiero, etc.
Oh brother!

Another cool thing was that we saw so many many people who looked just like my father-in-law.

My husband loves his Italian heritage, and so do our kids.

We celebrate many holidays - mostly Christmas - the way they do in Italy.

And we especially enjoy the pasta sauce recipe from Dave's nonna.
Best sauce recipe ever, and it tasted just like the sauce we had in Sicily!

good things:
planning surprises
talking to friends
reading Christmas books


Anonymous said...

I agree, that is pretty cool :)

Marley Family said...

Their is a Ferrara Italy! Wow!