Saturday, February 2, 2013


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Have you heard this saying.....

"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans".

Our plan was to be done having babies and move on to the next stage.
No more diapers.
No more car seats.
No more pregnancy.

Well, someone else had another plan for us because despite our MANY efforts........

We're expecting our 10th baby.


Not just because we have 9 kids already - but AKAYLA IS GRADUATING THIS YEAR!

I will be the only freakishly huge and pregnant mom at the graduation - I know it and I just want to curl up in a ball and die!

Honestly, this has been really hard for Dave and I to deal with for the past several weeks.

We are happy to have another child, in fact we feel so blessed - just not so happy about the other stuff.

I hope this doesn't offend some of my favorite people in the world who have not been able to have children.
We all have different trials I guess!

So, do us a favor........

please keep your snide and sarcastic comments to yourself around us,

(Yes, we are having another baby!  And, believe it or not - we really do know how this keeps happening!  We're obviously really good at that part!)

and if you're going to talk about us with your friends in not so nice tones -- just make sure it doesn't get back to us (because you'd be surprised what things have gotten back to us in the past).

I don't judge you for the number of children you have.
You can have no kids for all I care.
Just please don't judge us for doing what we feel we are supposed to do.

Please don't misunderstand - the most difficult thing is that we have to change our plans, and we would really appreciate supportive comments!

We have great friends, and people have always been supportive.
It's probably just in our crazy minds that people will be negative and unkind!

I'm actually still in the danger zone, and could end up having a miscarriage to announce -
but Dave and I figured we better allay some of the rumors that have already been flying.


good things:
bountiful baskets
wedding announcements from past students
early morning phone calls with my mom - she always makes me feel better


scrapnsunny said...

I think you guys make gorgeous babies! Who cares what others think or say they are just jealous! Congrats!!

scrapnsunny said...
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Anna Crowe said...

I can just see the scene:

#10: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I go to be with the Ferrara family?"
God: "I'm so sorry, you'll have to wait for the next generation. Mom and Dad Ferrara have already said, 'No more diapers; no more carseats; no more babies.'"
#10: "But I'll be a really good kid, I PROMISE! I just want the best and to be the best, and THAT family is THE BEST."
God: "You are right... And I know right. Okay then..."

I can empathize with #10. If I could do it again, I'd come as #11, just as long as I could be a part of your incredible family. And have gorgeous red hair. You are exceptional people, and I don't care what anyone else says. I'm with #10.

GrannyLanny said...

Congratulations!! You are the right people to have a big family--such good parents. No. 10 is one lucky baby.

GrannyLanny said...

I should have identified myself--Granny Lanny is aka Alana Eaton.

Marley Family said...

Ang I'm so happy for you! You have a beautiful family to be proud of Congrats!

Julia said...

It's hard when your plans don't quite match up with the Lord's. Baby 10 is very blessed, and so are you. Hope you're feeling alright, and despite the change in your plans, you are finding joy in the journey.

Annie and Family said...

Oh Ang! You are AMAZING!!!!! Just remember that for every rude remark you might hear, there are about twenty compliments being "passed" behind your back. :) I hope all goes well with you and baby! I am so excited for you. (This means one more cute Ferrara that just might be available still for one of my kids to marry. Ha ha!)

Unknown said...

Linda was the same way at Megan's Graduation, she knows how you feel. Congratulations.

Lisa said...

You guys are just amazing. Congratulations. I am trying to imagine the shock you're feeling... and I'd agree that coming to grips with a change in 'your plan' would be SO hard (and of course the pregnancy) but another child is wonderful. Hang in there, Ang. I'm praying for you.

Unknown said...

Congrats on thew new baby :) how lucky you are to be parents again! You both are great parents, your children are amazing and great examples to so many people. Happy for ya.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you, I think you're an amazing mother who is raising wonderful children. Heavenly Father knows that you have enough love and patience.