Monday, January 28, 2008

14 years and counting

14 years ago today Dave and I had our first date. We were in the symphony together at Ricks college, and from the very first day I had noticed him and watched him. He was kind to everyone, always happy, and I had heard him pray and knew he had a strong testimony of the gospel. I had a little crush and wanted to go out with him the whole first semester but I had seen him with a girl from my hometown and figured they'd probably get married. Then one night I got a call from him and he said something about me not knowing who he was but that he was from the symphony. I said that I did know who he was (which surprised him) and he asked if I wanted to go out to dinner Friday night. Of course I did so we set it up. When we hung up I screamed! Our next door neighbors ran over to see what was wrong, but I was just happy! We walked across town in the freezing cold because Dave didn't have a car, but we had a great chance to talk and get to know each other. At the restaurant Dave ordered a steak dinner with all you can eat salad buffet. He asked if I was hungry and I said I was. When it was my turn to order I was nervous (because of my little crush) and only ordered 3 scones. Dave was a little surprised about that, but had no trouble enjoying his meal. After dinner we walked over to the Manwaring Center and played pool and talked some more. We walked over to the Spori Art Museum then he walked me home. It was very easy to talk to him and I was even more impressed with him. We had very similar interests and desires in life. After that night we were together all the time. We did a lot of walking and talking and got to know each other quickly! Two months later we were engaged. I know a lot of my friends at the time thought I just wanted to get married to anybody, but from the start Dave was exactly what I wanted in a husband and he still is perfect for me!

Every year we celebrate our first date by making scones with honey-butter, and Dave always calls me up a few nights before and acts out our first conversation and asks me to go out with him. I still blush and feel giddy after I talk to him.

10 things I love about Dave

  1. He makes me laugh every day
  2. He loves the gospel and strives to be like the Savior
  3. He loves children and wants a "quiver full" like me
  4. He treats me like a queen
  5. We have all the same interests and love hanging out together
  6. He listens to me
  7. He is super talented -- he can do anything he puts his mind to
  8. He loves music and playing music
  9. He truly feasts on the scriptures every day and shares his insights with me
  10. I still think he is so good looking that he gives me butterflies when we kiss!


Lisa said...

Hey, I was around for that beginning part and probably was there when you screamed. How fun to know more of the details! 14 years!... yeah!

Evan Johnson said...

That's just freakin adorable! Dang, 14 years. Goes by quick...

Chris said...

I lvoe your blog, I;d l/ike to have /one ofmyown /but, *I don 't
5ty-pe vvvvver7y well. Ho2wevber< I"m g3ettting ALOT BN3ETTER

Genelle said...

That Darn Dave! He eats all that food and doesn't gain anything! Lucky guy.
I guess it was providence for you two to be together!

You sound like a little school girl when you say "I still blush and feel giddy when I talk to him" HA HA!