Thursday, April 17, 2008


This post is for Nana and Grandpa-with-a-beard (that's what the kids call him!) in Illinois. The last time we saw them was in August 2006 when Jim and Amber got married. I was not quite pregnant with Elli yet, so they have never met Miss Elli Banelli! All of our kids are very similar when they are babies even in looks, but here are 10 things you need to know about Elli:

1. She adores her mama. She wants to be right next to me all the time. While I'm cooking she's right at my feet. While I do the dishes she is standing at the dishwasher. When I do laundry she's sitting right next to me. While we do school she wants me to hold her. She knows where my bedroom is, so if she doesn't see me she goes straight for my room. If the door is closed she'll cry and stand up to the door, which makes it difficult to open it! I think it's so cute! I teach lessons every day after school and she has a really tough time with it. She starts crying the minute one of my students walks in the door. It's like she knows that my attention will be divided. We have learned that it's best for her to be downstairs with the girls even before they come. Then she's happy and doesn't get so jealous!
2. She gets excited really easily and kicks her legs really fast and both of her wrists twist and twist. It's really funny to see. My mom said I did it when I was a baby. She also pants like a dog when she's excited....she's so silly!
3. She has way less hair than the other kids....especially now that it's buzzed off! Poor kid! It's also less red, but it's like Adriana's was at this age.
4. She has gotten her teeth in really fast (poor me). She has had 4 on top and 4 on bottom for about a month now. Biting is definitely an issue!
5. She sings while she nurses and she likes to rub my arms. She also reaches up and softly rubs my cheeks. She's very gentle. I will miss that.
6. She looks most like Adriana except her eyes are bigger and browner, and she's a lot bigger than Adriana was. Adri was and still is 10th percentile in weight and 75th percentile in height (that's why she's such a skinny little string bean!). Elli is 50th percentile for both.
7. She's my only baby who ever took a binkie. She won't take it any more, but it was nice while it lasted!
8. She's very wary of strangers. She won't smile for anyone. We were shocked when she actually smiled and laughed at a lady from church. Even my dad thinks she's super serious. Akayla was a serious baby too and she's one of the happiest friendliest Elli was probably be too!
9. She's my only baby without food allergies. She doesn't have any exzema or skin irritations....hooray! All the rest (especially Mariah) have some bad exzema and other things.
10. She is very sensitive. She gets her feelings hurt very easily. If someone is too loud or scares her, her face pinches up and she starts wailing. It's actually cute so we all laugh then she cries even more. You have to talk very softly to her!

We all love and enjoy her. She's a sweet addition to our family. We wish you could know her too. In fact, we wish we could all know you better. We miss you guys!!

Good things:
Airplanes (if any of us had any money!)
Sweet babies!


Genelle said...

Elli, Elli, Elli. Is she coming tomorrow? I want to see my bald little elfie. Just kidding.
She does things I didn't even know about, like kicking her legs and twisting her wrists! And she sings while she nurses? (Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be like Adri's... ehhhh ehhhhhhh ehhhhhhh) Just kidding Adri!

I love you Elli!

Katie said...

Cute videos. Gotta love the sweet babies.

The Ridings said...

Very sweet!

Carissa Johnson said...

I love the video of her waving. She is so funny. And that picture with her two bottom teeth showing is precious!