Wednesday, June 17, 2009

still alive

I promise I'm not dead. I am teaching string camp at ISU again this year. It's 2 straight weeks from 8-2 or often later every day. I still have some students in the afternoons also. I was never meant to be a working mom, but the end is in sight.....Our final concert is Friday!!!

good things:


Bingham Family said...

How fun for you to be teaching! Yah for you! Oh, and your garden looks amazing!!!! I wish mine would grow. (When I moved here people told me that nothing grew because we have "dirt" not "soil")... I guess that they might be right. Boo for yuck dirt

Erin said...

Hey Angela how fun to be using your music still! It sounds like you are a very busy lady. What a beautiful yard you have! Don't you wish it would stop raining? I know I do! I looked at your music teaching blog. I noticed a name Rebecca Wride. How funny. She was my son's best friend in Kindergarten. We still need to get together some time! Maybe when things slow done. Have a great week!

Carissa J said...

Good job, Ang. Who is babysitting for you?