Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Some people have realistic even prophetic-type dreams when they sleep (like my husband).

Not me.

Especially when I'm pregnant. My dreams are really WEIRD!

In fact when I'm pregnant I have scary nightmares a lot. Lots of dreams about my family getting killed or other horrible things.

Last night I dreamed Dave and I were getting married.

We had a couple of kids (?) so we couldn't get married in the temple.

So...we got married at the mall.

It was the tackiest wedding you could possibly dream of.

We hired the high school choir to PERFORM at our wedding. All of my high school friends were there cheering us on.

I wore gold knee socks and blue shoes. (shudder) You don't even want to know what my dress or hair looked like. (shudder again)

The bishop sang the wedding ceremony to us.

The worst part - Elder Nelson (quorum of the 12 apostles) happened to be at the mall so he stopped to watch our wedding. I was embarrassed that we weren't getting married in the temple.

Ugh...... at least noone died in the dream.

good things:
when you wake up and realize it's all a dream
100% scripture study so far this Christmas break
that I didn't really get married at the mall in gold knee socks


Sarah said...

Good thing pregnancy dreams aren't reminiscent of real life...cause then I'd be worried.


Heidi said...

It must be pregnancy! I never made that connection but just this week I dreamed that my kids drowned and I saw Jared holding Dan's limp body. I also dreamed that Jared & I were living together and I was trying to convince him to marry me. It's a such a relief to wake up to real life. Even if its not perfect, its a lot better than my dreams!

Marley Family said...

Thats so funny! I'm giggling:)

Megan Jo Eddie said...

That is the funniest dream ever. I dream crazy stuff like that all time- so I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or just a really creative imagination, BUT if I see you in gold knee socks and blue shoes at church, I will be concerned!!

Tamara said...

As I recall - you wedding was a little different than that. :o) Aren't dreams funny, especially pregnant ones! Hope you're feeling good and had a great Christmas with your family.

Meikjn said...

hahaha! I have crazy dreams when pregnant too, but that takes the cake.