Saturday, May 29, 2010

wisdom of a father

One of the best things Dave learned from his dad is how to fix things. EVERYTHING.

Whenever something breaks at our house - including water heaters, plumbing issues, car problems, any mechanical problem, holes in the wall, any machine that gets plugged in....I could go on and on..........


Sometimes it takes a little longer for him to figure out what the problem is or to get a part he needs because he's not a professional.

But there have only been a couple of times that he wasn't able to fix whatever the problem was.

Yesterday our car was having some weird issues.

He couldn't figure out what the problem was...........

so he called HIS DAD

His dad suggested he get this $4 part (as opposed to the $40 part Dave was hoping he wouldn't have to buy) and just clean the bolts that connect to the certain part.........


So grateful for a dad who experienced the same problem years before and can pass his wisdom on to his son!!

good things:
saving lots of $ with a little elbow grease
having my sweetie home for a 3-day weekend
little green plants coming up in my garden

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Erin said...

I love it! James is the same way...for the most part. I love not having to worry so much about stuff! Hooray for great Dads!!!!