Wednesday, August 25, 2010

temple trip

My wonderful husband has a passion for family history.

He has even travelled to Italy twice (I got to go once) to find family names that the church can't get (because of closed catholic records).

Last time he went with his dad, mom and sister and they found one of their Ferrara cousins in Sicily.

He just happened to have a whole family tree filled in just like my husband's (even though he isn't a member of our church).

They were able to exchange some information and fill in several gaps.


Last week we brought our 3 oldest children to the temple to perform the baptisms for Dave's family. It was Tanner's first temple trip.

My sensitive husband nearly couldn't get through some of the names because he felt so strongly connected to them.

It was a really special experience.

We took a few pictures afterwards on the temple grounds.......Tanner wouldn't let us take any of him alone because he didn't have any gel for his hair (haha! he's becoming a teenager!).

We also went to the visitors center and got to see the display there. Can't remember what it's called but it's some pictures from the Hubble telescope.


And as much as I love being with all of my children....
It was really nice just being with the older children this time.

They don't cry.
They don't whine.
They don't fight (well maybe a little).
They don't need me to carry them.
They don't need us to hold their hand to cross the street.
They talk about grown up things.

We had a nice leisurely lunch together, then we headed back home.

It was perfect.

good things:
remembering that though I am very small in this vast universe - He knows ME

having a temple only 45 minutes away (as opposed to 3 hours)



Marley Family said...

How special. I cant wait to do that with my children;D

Jeron & Brook said...

It is so special to get to go to the Temple with your kids! We waited WAY TOO LONG to go with Jaxon and I will NOT make that mistake again!

Kaylyn said...

What a neat experience for your family! I am so happy that you found those names and where able to do their work for them. That is awesome! I love the pictures! Your family is beautiful!