Friday, September 3, 2010

one last hurrah!!

We met my uncle, a cousin, my parents and some of my siblings and their families for one last bit of fun right before school started at a lake (that I can't seem to remember the name of) near Salt Lake City somewhere.

We swam, ate, rode the wave runners, played on the beach, threw a frisbee around, and had a few hours to talk and soak in the sun together.

The beach was a little dirty and it was packed with people but it's always fun to be together!

Annalisa cut her foot pretty bad at the end and Corina lost her phone (found it in the car luckily), but it was a great day!


Akayla and Corina




Cousin Amora (Brandon's daughter) and Mariah

Elli getting her life jacket on
Cousin Jacob (Dallin's stepson)

Foster - my youngest bro

Cousin Tony (Dallin's stepson)

The whole gang

Akayla and my baby sister Genelle

Bumpa and cousin Lexy (Brandon's daughter)
My mom, Brandon & his youngest daughter Ambree, his wife Ayrial, Corina and Leandra

My cute hubby

Foster, Tony, Jacob and Tanner

COUSINS!! Mariah, Amora, Lea, Lexy, & Elli

We don't have any pictures of Tanner swimming because of this:
Last year he went swimming with his friends and only put sunscreen on in the morning.

He has very fair skin so he really needs to reapply every couple of hours, but he was having too much fun.

He was in A LOT of pain all night long and cried a lot.

He finally broke out in blisters all across his shoulders, chest and back and that actually felt a lot better.

His chest and back got all swollen (hard to tell in a picture) and he had a high fever.

It was really scary.

Now he stays away from water.

I hope someday he'll swim again - but that he'll remember sunscreen!

good things:
other people who can react better than me when blood is involved

adventurous kids playing on wave runners



Marley Family said...

What a fun time with family!

Jeron & Brook said...

So fun! And that CANNOT be Foster! Isn't being with family just wonderful!