Sunday, December 12, 2010

forever friends

This is what came in a package for me a few weeks ago.

It is from one of my dearest friends from high school.

It brought back so many memories........

I was very blessed with many good friends. And by good I mean we all supported each other in doing good things.

These were some of my best friends from seminary council

I am the first one on the right side of the standing girls and my 2 best friends are right under me.

I was especially close with these 3 girls - Jenn, Tamara and Heidi

This picture was taken out of my high school scrapbook - back in the day when we cut our pictures up with silly scissors. Ugh!!

We did everything and went through so much together!!!

I am not good at expressing myself, so there is no way to say how much those girls meant to me.

The interesting thing is that though it's been over 17 years since we've graduated I have stayed close with many of those good friends, and especially with my favorite girl friends!

When we moved to Pocatello we discovered Heidi and her family had moved here a month before us and now they live just a few minutes away. We've done a lot together over the past 5 years......double dates, scrapbooking, lots of piano teaching talk, and walking in the morning!

A couple weeks ago Heidi invited me over and we had lunch. It was so fun to just talk about everything. Our lives collide in so many ways that we never run out of things to talk about! It was a much-needed break from regular life and I came back feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! Besides, the food was AWESOME!

When Heidi found out about my miscarriage she immediately brought a yummy dinner over with lots of comfort food and made sure I was resting.

When Tamara found out she immediately mailed me a "care" package with Ferrara chocolate, coconut treats, and pumpkin bread from Kneaders- she knows what I love!! (Totally reminded me of our birthday trip to some ice cream place......where was it? Tamara's birthday is just a week before mine. We all got pumpkin ice cream in waffle cones then brought Tamara back for her surprise party. The next week the girls threw me a surprise slumber party at Tamara's house - SO FUN!!)

I haven't seen Tamara since we were both pregnant with our 12 year old boys but she still knows me so well!

Thank you for knowing just what I needed and reminding me that my friends are always going to be there for me even if they live far away.

How was I blessed with such thoughtful and incredibly talented friends?!!

good things:
people that know what I love

the lovely white blanket covering everything outside this morning

surprises in the mail


Marley Family said...

What wonderful friends!

Heidi said...

Those pics bring back so many fond memories! When I looked at our 2 little girls during lunch I thought of posting "The Future" one I have of us from the Seminary scrapbook. You're holding a "sugar sack baby" and I happened to be dressed as "the {pregnant} girl who didn't wait for her missionary" for a seminary skit that day .