Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bloody Mary

Annalisa has always been a big scaredy cat.

We all know that we can't watch any movies that are even a tiny bit scary- not even cartoons....
because then she'll be scared for weeks.

One of Annalisa's (dumb) classmates told her the story of Bloody Mary on Friday.

I didn't know about it because I got to go to a hotel that night.

Her sweet (even dumber) older sisters and brother decided to prove to her that Bloody Mary doesn't exist.

They all went into the dark bathroom and did the whole ritual. (Something about Bloody Mary, I have your baby......it's a little different from when I was a kid. We just said Bloody Mary 3 times while turning around and then she would appear in the mirror.)

Apparently they all ran out screaming because they swear they saw something in the mirror.

Now Annalisa will not go near a bathroom unless someone is with her and all the lights in the house are on.

Hopefully she'll get over this one quickly!

(I have to be honest.....I am still scared there are things under my bed that will grab my feet.
I have to jump into bed as fast as I can and pull my covers up.
Just don't tell Annalisa!)

good things:
someone to cuddle with when I wake up from a bad dream
pizza for dinner
finding some time to read a really good book


Bingham Family said...

I'm just like Annalisa! (I always was and still am). I have nightmares if I watch Harry Potter. The thing that helped me get over the Bloody Mary thing when I was little was studying the history of "Bloody Mary." Mary Tudor... Henry the VIII daughter. It might make her feel better to know that she was a person not a phantom and that there was a reason for her nick name and it had nothing to do with eating kids of whatever they say in gradeschool these days. Turning scary stories into "boring" history might help. (Except I LOVE history). Good luck and give Anna a hug for me. I was still scared of that stupid story in high school.

Marley Family said...

Oh my heck! Ok first of all I totally reameber the whole bloody mary thing! Second you have to get rid of that crazy pic you found!(It creeps me out!) Thank you for sharing! Sweet little girl. I was the same way when I was her age. I still kind of am ;) Good luck with that.

Heidi said...

I've never heard of the bloody mary thing.......but that picture you posted sure looks freaky!