Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I know. I have issues.

These are just a few things I have issues with......

People who constantly remind you of your shortcomings by making a joke out of them.
I know I have a tendency to run late. I HAVE 8 KIDS!! I think I do a pretty darn good job most of the time. But if I do run a little late every once in awhile - I'm WELL aware of it and I don't need to be reminded!

People who act like they know everything about everything.
I just don't even like to talk to people like that. People who really are smart like to make other people feel smart too so they have people to talk to!!

People who act self righteous.
Especially when I know for a fact some of their "favorite" little sins. Don't make me feel like I'm a wicked heathen because I allowed my children to watch a certain movie after we edited a couple of swear words when you allow your children to do THAT!!!

People who are cliquish.
I think it's really rude to have your little group and leave other people out. Especially in a church situation. I really think people like that are just snobs. They can't see past their noses and realize there are a lot of other people that desperately need to feel included. I'm not the one needing to feel included, but I have had plenty of people tell me they felt basically shunned by certain cliques and cliquy people I know. (Is cliquy a word?!)

People that say things like....."you're OCD" or "I'm OCD".
Being a person that actually HAS OCD I just have to say that you can't BE OCD. It's a disorder and it stinks! It's not something funny to make jokes about, and just because you like to have your house clean does not make you obsessive compulsive. It makes you a neat freak. OCD is embarrassing and it's scary to feel out of control.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest....


One thing I've learned about myself is that I'm not a very nice pregnant person.

I am normally very positive and happy, but when I'm pregnant SUDDENLY things bother me. Little things like my walls, and the way my kids breathe, and things people say, and.....etc. etc.

Not only do they bother me but I have no tact.

I say exactly what I think to people and often it's rude.

It's amazing my husband has put up with 9 pregnancies!

He just knows that as soon as I have the baby I'm back to normal and much better to live with.

Thank goodness I'm halfway done with this pregnancy!!

good things:
my house smells good
fresh air on my face
my cough is gone


Marley Family said...

All I have to say is Amen! I agree with you totally! Love ya!

Aceneth Warner said...

I say, you are caring a baby for 9 months, you say what you want..lol! good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!!

Erika said...

I agree with everything you say! My ward is VERY cliquish. It depresses me deeply when I focus on it. i have tried multiple times to break into them and make friends but am always rejected. I have lived in this ward for 1 1/2 years and have found one kindred spirit-sad huh? I wish people could see how rude, selfish, and un-Christlike it is. I am quiet but I also need friends. Sorry to make this long, but I am glad someone said something!

Anna Crowe said...

How is it that I've missed the crucial announcement that you're pregnant?! I'm a faithful reader too! I do read it in a reader, so I missed the ticker. :) It looks like you're about due October, right? Just about the same time/situation I was in last year...

I love that you enjoy being pregnant and being a mommy so much that you want to do it over and over. Love it!

I must add that I was UBER-sensitive during my pregnancy too. I already have misophonia (a recent discovery of the name, although I've struggled with it since I was little), where normal sounds like pen clicking, foot tapping, food-eating sounds, key twiddling, gum snapping(!), etc. make me want to scrape paint off the walls with my fingernails. But during pregnancy they literally shut me down. Being at work in a cubicle, those sounds surrounding me forced me more on several occasions to flee to the ladies room and sob in a stall for 30 minutes. Un-fun.

If I were close to you, I'd come to your house and rub your feet. And bring a smoothie. And a delightfully smelling candle for your house.

Sending e-love instead. Sorry. :)