Sunday, May 15, 2011

things that are making me deliriously happy...........

My babies naked chubby little body......

This one suddenly has a mind of her own and is turning into a stubborn little stinker.

After her bath she did not want to get dressed and went streaking through the house while everyone tried to stop her.

It was very funny and it still makes me smile.

Nothing wrong with strong willed kids!

AND.......did you notice the blotches on the walls?
My husband is doing his bi-annual "fix the walls" job.
This one has taken about 4 months already.
So by the time he gets it painted it will be time to do it again!

I'm not complaining though.

If anyone had as little time as my husband does right now they still wouldn't get done as much as he does!

He doesn't take any time for himself.

Whenever he has a spare second he does something to take care of me!

Love that man!!

Coconut lotion from Bath & Body Works

Can I just say.....pure heaven!!

and the mini bottles are only $1!

Getting my adorable daughter ready for her first Prom

(getting asked to Prom..... he put kisses all up the walk and doorstep before she got home from school and the note said "now that I've kissed the ground you walk on......" She answered him with a huge milkshake given to him at school. The note on the front said "to get to the bottom of the question you asked me, you have to get to the bottom of this". There was a laminated little note at the bottom of the shake that said "I SCREAM YES!!" So fun!)

I loved the asking and the answering and the shopping and the primping.

I am really going to love this new dating phase we've entered!

Pictures of prom to come tomorrow!

And only 10 more days for my younger 3 until SUMMER!!
4 more than that for the older 3!

Seriously CAN'T wait!!!

good things:
Lagoon on an overcast day - my prayers were answered

my kids running out to greet me when I drove in after having been gone 2 whole days!

the song "Good Life" by One Republic


Marley Family said...

Love naked babies! And B&B coconut lotion heavenly!

The Ridings said...

Anything by One Republic makes my daughter deliriously happy