Tuesday, August 23, 2011

evil wasps

My parents have a little wasp problem in their back yard this year.

Right after our reunion we all came back to mom and dad's house and the kids hopped in the hot tub to swim.

Before an hour had passed 3 kids had gotten stung.

Kids are resilient though, and they just kept swimming.

Later that evening dad built a campfire and we roasted s'mores.

I was walking inside and a wasp climbed up my pantleg and stung me twice on the ankle.

It was hiding in my pants still so Dave got it out and smashed it to smithereens!

My ankle puffed up quite a bit and it hurt really bad so I know how the kids felt.

Sunday we had a lovely meal outside and the littlest girls all sat at a little picnic table.

Suddenly Lea started screaming and we discovered she had been stung on her bottom lip.

Within minutes her lip had swollen twice its regular size and kept growing.

Once we got her calmed down (with a popsicle), she was fine (besides slobbering a lot because she couldn't swallow very well) but that lip just kept growing.

It was really quite funny to look at.

She has big lips anyway (we call her Angelina Jolie), but this was ridiculous!

Of course we all couldn't help but laugh, and she was a good sport and laughed with us!

I was so happy that by the next morning she was back to normal!!

Here's pictures to prove it.......

good things:
she'll never remember

100% fruit popsicles that made everything all better

my silly overreactive emotions - I was laughing one second and crying the next


Bingham Family said...

Poor Baby! She's super cute though

Holly said...

OMGoodness! That would have scared me to death. Poor baby.

The Saville Family said...

Poor baby that looks horrible and a little funny...