Thursday, August 18, 2011


(from l-r) front row: Elora, Aleksia, Annalisa, Ambree, Amora

back row: Mariah (whoops - no smile!), Adriana, Akayla, Leandra, and Corina

We have 7 daughters.
My brother Brandon and his wife Ayrial have 3 daughters.

Brandon and Ayrial went on a cruise and left early Sunday morning, so we had a cousin sleepover at grandma's Saturday night.

Sunday morning we had 10 girls to get ready for church.

Good thing we're used to lots of girls at our house!

That's right - I will totally take credit for doing 8 of those girl's hair (the teenagers can do their own now thank goodness!!).

And we even made it to church on time!!

good things:
I don't have 10 daughters

our next baby won't need any bows or flowers or anything

lots of girls - they really are so fun!

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Holly said...

Holy Knight!!! I can't imagine getting 10 girls ready for chrch. You really are super woman. You really need to right a book and share all your little tips and secrets :)