Saturday, September 3, 2011

farewell summer 2011

We have learned that if we don't plan things we don't do them.

For the past several years we have pulled out our calendar at the beginning of summer and scheduled certain things in.

This year in addition to scheduling things on our calendar, we created a bucket list....things we wanted to do before the summer "kicked the bucket".

Some of them were silly, some were super fun, some were very simple, and some we didn't accomplish because we ran out of time and because I'm so very pregnant!

Our poster was right in our kitchen where we always see it.

If we ever had a day with nothing planned we would look at our bucket list and see if there was something we could do that day.

It was a great way to keep busy on "bored" days.

Here's our list:
Make S'mores - check!
Movie Marathon - check!
Baptisms for the dead - check!
Campfire in the backyard - check!
Reel theater - check!
Homemade ice cream - check!
Sprinklers - check!
Zoo - check!
Go to Utah - check!
Make Puppets - check!
Cookie drop - check!
Bowling - check check check!
Family Reunions - check!
Pick up garbage around the neighborhood - check!
Bike Ride - NOPE! Because of daddy's class and me being pregnant we didn't go on a single family bike ride. Next year!
Hiking - check!
Frisbee Golf - check!
McKee's Petting Zoo - check!
Invite a family over for a bbq - check!
Snow cones - check!
Readout Pigout - check!
Farr's Ice Cream - check!
Ross Park Aquatic Center - check!
Dinner in the mountains with friends - check!

We also did a few things not on the list like meeting our very best friends, the Staffords, (from New Plymouth) in Twin Falls. The adults did a session in the temple while the kids hung out, and then we had a really fun picnic and played at the park. The Boise temple is closed now so they will have to go to Twin Falls (3 hour drive) for awhile now. We hope to see them often as well as some of our other good friends!
These are the only pictures we got and I wish so much we'd gotten more of the kids playing. We all get along so well. Akayla and Cade are really close and text and talk on the phone a lot so they were the ones that really got this outing together, but we all had so much fun we want to do it again soon!

This summer we read lots and lots of books, watched some good movies together, went bowling about 20 times, ate lots of watermelon, went swimming, got tan, went to the park for lunch almost every day, had some great family reunions, and just made some great memories.

Sad that it's over, but also happy because.......

this is the month we meet our new baby brother!!

Farewell Summer ---- hello September!!!!

good things:

true friends

my quiet house

the thought of not being pregnant any more

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Marley Family said...

What a great idea! I'm going to have to copy you ;)