Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 14 Christmas from another country

Last night we celebrated Christmas Mexican style.

We enjoyed a mexican dinner, music (technically it was Venezuelan from Dave's mission, but the kids will never know! Hey - it was in spanish!), dancing in our pj's, and a pinata.

What a blast!

(Blurry photo because we were dancing hard!!)
Notice the 2 lumps on the couch.........ugh!
Teenagers sometimes! We finally had to make them get up and have fun!

Adri & Lea

Akayla & Mars

Landon boy - I want to eat those cheeks!!

Anna & Adri

Elli belly!

good things:
the tiny daughter (Akayla) delivering the final blow to drop all the candy
Landon didn't even wake up once last night
early morning pondering


Gina Hallam said...

What fun!!!!! I so need your creative talents... or at least some close to that :)

Marley Family said...

Fun fun fun!