Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year

My resolution from last year:  resolution 2011

I had some high expectations of 2011.

It was a very good year -- Dave finally finished his masters degree, I gave birth to my 9th baby, we made some purchases that we've been saving for several years to buy, and we did a lot of small and unimportant things that made our year lovely.....but it did not go as planned!

The only reason for that was because I got pregnant.

I certainly did not lose the baby weight from Leandra, and my relationships were strained rather than strengthened!  (I'm really not a nice pregnant person)

But I still really love the word I chose for myself because it holds everything I want to improve about myself....


To strengthen my body (by continuing my workouts at home and at the gym, and by making healthier food choices)

To strengthen my mind (by using my library and limiting computer time)

To strengthen my relationship with God (by keeping a scripture journal with me as I read my scriptures to write my thoughts and inspirations, and by improving my personal prayers)

To strengthen my relationship with my family and people who are close to me (by taking the time each day to reconnect with each member of my family, by taking my children on monthly time-outs, and other personal goals that I will not share :) )

2011 was a very good year, but I am excited about the start of a new year, and making changes to improve myself!

good things:
a quiet morning to read and ponder
beautiful sunshine outside
having lunch with my lovely mother-in-law


jen said...

Thanks for linking up. Seventh baby will take it out of you, won't it? Good luck with strengthening. Great word choice, and thanks for linking up!

Sue said...

I have a feeling you will succeed and be an even stronger you next year. Of course, that's just my first impression, but anyone who makes as much sense as you do after 9 babies has definitely got what it takes!

Happy new year!


Jamie said...

my first visit, from jen's party, and I must say you have a beautiful family! And 9, wow-Sue's right you must be doing something right to be able to convey your thoughts so coherently with all that life must throw your way! Happy New Year!!