Friday, January 6, 2012

party like it's 2012

Traditional Ferrara fondue party......
We've done the same thing Dave's family did growing up since we got married almost 18 years ago!

The past 5 years we've celebrated with Dave's brothers, Matt & Jim (and his wife Amber and their 2 boys).
This year Dave's mom drove out from Illinois with Matt to spend a few days with us.

Best part of the night:  kissing my sweetheart at midnight, chocolate fondue, and clinking goblets with my cute kids that should have been sleeping!

Landon was zonked out by 9:00..... so jealous!


Grizzly Matt - had to shave his facial hair before returning to BYU-I!!


Corina with her good friend Jordan - the 3 girls went to the regional New Year's activity

Mom, Amber & Alex

Anna & Elli playing with Elli's Christmas present

Adri & Mars

Daddy & Lea
Tanner & Jacob - Tanner is the sweetest cousin.  He lets Jacob come in his room and play with his train

good things:
detoxing from all the sweets of the season
my kids giggling in their beds
waking up sore from my workout last night

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