Monday, January 23, 2012


There are some constants in our lives that our kids count on every day & every week - things that they will remember when they don't live here any more, and things that they will probably do with their own children.......

**reading scriptures together around the breakfast table

**family prayers in the morning and evening followed by hugs & kisses (and whispered I love you's) for each member of the family

**family dinner every night

**Friday date nights for mom & dad (and kid movie nights)

**Monday family nights (don't forget the treat!)

**Saturday brunch (made by the boys).

Every one of these things give us T I M E 
.....time to reconnect, time to grow closer to each other, and time to help each other come closer to knowing our Heavenly Father & Savior.

In our fast-paced lives it never feels like there is enough t i m e to do everything we need to do, let alone everything we want to do.

I love the chance we have to  S L O W things down

and E N J O Y the simple things in life.

Pictures of our Saturday brunch (yesterday)......
4 batches of puffed up pancakes made all by Tanner (including the homemade syrup)!

good things:
fuzzy slippers
fun plans for the day
our funky table - big enough to seat all 11 of us!

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Marley Family said...

Ang you guys have such a wonderful family! We love you!