Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dr. Doom's Murder Mystery Party

Anna got to go to a murder mystery dinner party last night.

Her character was Mrs. Ivory, a maid

We fed the missionaries right before she had to go so she was already in her costume when they came.

We were all bustling to get dinner on the table and some things cleaned up (just how Saturdays always are at our house).

Before we ate I explained to the missionaries why Annalisa was all dressed up.

His response....."Oh!  I wondered if your kids just liked dressing up to clean the house!"

Haha!  My kids actually do like dressing up to do just about anything so he wasn't too far off.

Anna had a blast at the party, and though she wasn't the murderer............ it was her husband, Dr. Doom (her 6th husband to be exact, and they were just married last week!!) that was murdered, and the birthday girl was the one who got him!

So cute!  I can only imagine how much fun those 7 dressed up girls had!

good things:
having sweet but powerful missionaries in our home

going on a 2nd date this weekend with my hubby (even though it was only to the grocery store)

ice water

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