Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Murder Mystery Party

For Akayla's 17th birthday we decided to do something really fun so I found a murder mystery party online that could accommodate at least 20 guests.

It was set in the 1920's so everyone had to dress up like flappers and gangsters.

It was really hard to limit the number of people who could come, and we even ended up with a few extra guests that didn't have a part.....but they got to eat the yummy food and be with friends so it was all good!

I decorated the stage at our church (with some help from my friend Lindsey putting up lights) like a club and we had lots of finger foods and sparkling apple cider.

Dave was "Big Jim" Ravioli, and he was murdered pretty much at the beginning.  We kind of planned it that way so he could leave and be with the kids (and my family from Utah who came for Mariah's baptism) at home, but I was the hostess so I stayed for the whole party.

It was really fun (and so fun for me to watch my kids and their friends interact!)!
There were a couple guys that I was worried were not having fun because they seemed so serious....but it turned out they were totally playing their part.  They were conspiring and bribing all over the place, and ended up committing the final murder to end the game.

Adri & Anna got to come for the last hour.  I thought they would be embarrassed to be with teenagers but NOPE!  They pretty much already knew everyone's name just from hearing Akayla & Corina's conversations.  They LOVED watching all the interactions and thought most of the boys were SOOOO cute!  Adri wants a party just like it when she turns 16, and she hopes her friends are as COOL as her big sisters!!

Some of the kids asked me if we could do this again next week!
A very successful party!

The pictures turned out rather lousy (since we're just using Dave's phone as a camera)- everyone looks possessed - but you get a small idea.

most of the group before the party started

Chris (no character) and Donna Wannabe (Nessa)

Cash & Cassandra Steal (Rachel & Nathan)

Mayor Bill Bumpkin (Caleb), Vanessa Crooner (Brianna), and Carrie Crooner-Ravioli (Akayla)

Vicky Ravioli (Jordan), Don Wannabe (Nathan), and MeMe Wannabe (Corina)

Baroness Ravioli (Ivy)

Inspector Neville "the nose"Nutella (Brandon), Akayla, Greasy Thumbs & Guido Giuseppi (Joe & Stefano - visiting from BYU-I for just a little while)

Rhett Bumbler (Jared)

Sly Sleaze (Justin) & Rebecca Ravioli (Amy - she ended up being the murderer!)

Capo 'Toto' Tequila (Patrick), Al Capone (Travis), U.S. Congressman TooSteal (Matt), and Mary TooSteal (Jaycey)

the encounter.......

just before he was "knocked off"

using her womanly charm to get information 

good things:
planning & stressing and having everything work out!
yummy party foods
good fun friends


Nathan and Shanna said...

Looks like a lot of fun I'll have to remember this one for my kids! Thanks for sharing! Loved it!

Martin Worthington said...

Hello Ang and David, we're a start-up Murder Mystery Party company based in the UK (, and we'd like to offer you one of our games for free, in the hope that if you like it you might blog about us. They're terribly easy to organise - our website sends out the invitations directly, by email. If you're interested, get in touch at, and also please feel free to pass the offer on to other bloggers. Regards, Martin