Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This boy of mine has always kept me on my toes.
His latest escapades include a   broken hand......
(he hit a kid - says it was an accident, and no-one has taken us to court yet so.....)

........and a   drum set?
His friend's dad was giving it away and thought Tanner would love it (Gee thanks!).
Tanner told me it would belong to him and a friend, and that they would keep it at the friend's house.
It ended up belonging only to Tanner, and he set it up in his bedroom.

It's got to go!

We really don't have room for it, and we don't enjoy the NOISE it creates!
But he's enjoying it for a SHORT time!

Always something new going through his head, and it usually includes building or digging something outside

He makes me crazy sometimes, but my fun, creative boy makes me happy too.
He's always making us laugh (gotta admit, the puberty laugh is pretty funny too!).

good things:
peanut butter banana panini's for breakfast
my husband's nightmare wasn't real
Landon is now mobile

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Nathan and Shanna said...

I think everybody needs a child who will keep them one their toes! hehe I know I have my fair share of those kids!