Friday, June 22, 2012

a little of this and a little of that

We're enjoying our summer!

Best parts of summer:

reading lots, long bike rides, and hanging out in the backyard until late - it doesn't get dark and the weather is heavenly.  I especially love sitting with Dave and the big kids on the deck while we watch the sunset and listen to the kids playing down below.

Our stake had a great youth conference in Salt Lake.  Akayla, Corina & Tanner got to go and spend the weekend in the University of Utah dorms.  They served at the Humanitarian Aid Center, played night games, stayed up really late, rode in buses, toured Salt Lake City a bit, hiked Ensign Peak, were spiritually and physically fed, spent some time at the new City Creek Mall and had a great time with friends!

tour of the Conference Center

just the girls

top of Ensign Peak

(I totally stole a bunch of these pictures from my friend Megan.  She happens to have 3 kids that are the same age as 3 of mine and she actually has a camera so she gets pictures of things!  She's also the YW president so she gets pictures of activities I don't get to go to!!  I'm so grateful for these pictures so our family journal is more complete!)

very fun ward activity - see our whole family back there?!!!)

youth fireside - Dave was the speaker and he did a fun treasure hunt with the kids with missing information (the topic was distractions from the spirit).  He did a great job and it was a fun fireside!

Anna had a fun Idaho Day at school and they got to make Indian fry bread

Akayla & Adri at the Helping Hands Service Project!  (Corina was at drivers ed and Tanner had band camp) We have great girls in our ward! 

Akayla got a really bad cut!

rewarded with pizza after
Tanner FINALLY got his cast off!!

check out that tan line!

*Corina finished drivers ed.  It was 2 long weeks but she now has a permit and thinks she needs to drive everywhere!

*Tanner got to go to Marching Band Camp at the beginning of summer.  He learned a lot and had a great time!  There are some great kids in band and the teacher is awesome!  He's excited to go back in August!

*I have gotten to teach my workshop on frugal/healthy shopping 2 more times since our stake women's conference this summer.  I may just have to post all of my ideas here.  After hearing that families of 4 are spending more than I do on groceries every month I'm realizing that the information is useful to many families!

*Akayla and I went to a demo kitchen and learned how to make a HUGE batch of scone dough in a bucket.  It was awesome and we are totally making it for our family reunion in Bear Lake in August!

*We are busy preparing and packing for our big trip to Illinois in 2 weeks!!  I made a trip book for the kids that has pictures of the places we'll see and things we'll do that has lines and journal prompts so they can record their memories.  We're all pretty excited!

good things:
my kids speak in an English accent when they're playing
got some GREAT deals at a friend's yard sale this morning
it's a beautiful warm day!


Megan Jo Eddie said...

That is why I take those pictures! I'm so glad you can use them. Even though Bro. Eddie calls me a little chinese person, running around with my camera all the time- it's so worth it. I think pictures tell a story all in themselves. LOVE YOUR GIRLS so much in young womens. It wouldn't be the same without them

Anna Crowe said...

Oh! I would love to hear more of what you do regarding frugal and healthy shopping! I would bet our family of THREE spends a whole lot more than you do on food. If there's something I could do better in my crazy-busy schedule, I would really appreciate you sharing it with me. (Okay, the rest of your readers can have it too, but I REALLY want it.)