Thursday, June 21, 2012


I had seriously forgotten what a cool guy I married.
I mean I knew he was great - but I just had not seen this side of him for so long.

Dave was working on his masters for the past 5 years - finished the end of summer last year.

This year he's going to town finishing up all the projects he started 5 years ago.

  • I love that he enjoys working hard.
  • I love that he likes to list off everything he got done to me at the end of the day.
  • I love that he gets all the kids out there to help him.
  • I love that he wears an Indiana Jones hat while he works.
  • I love that he doesn't mind getting dirty and sweaty.
  • I love that even though his back hurts like crazy (bulging discs), he doesn't quit.
  • I love that he has such creative ideas to make our yard beautiful.
  • I love that we don't have to have a lot of money - just time to get it all done.
  • I love that he doesn't complain about me not working outside (my allergies are horrible right now)!
  • I love that he is teaching Tanner how to be a good dad as they work together.

I'm loving having my hubby back!

good things:
little apples growing on our trees
running through the sprinklers
the sunset from my back porch

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Jamie Johnson said...

Hey, Ang, I somehow misplaced your email address. Could you email me at and I will get you a price quote for your family reunion. I'm so excited to do your pictures! :)