Thursday, October 11, 2012

hard decisions

Listening to conference over the weekend caused our family to re-think some of our priorities.

We feel like our family is spending too much time doing things that are not helping us reach our most important goals.

It was time to SIMPLIFY!!

Our kids are involved in a lot of things - and they are good things.

The problem is, sometimes you have to choose between GOOD and BETTER.

Gospel, Family, Music and Academics are our top priorities, so that made it a little easier to decide what needed to go.

I decided to change lessons around and let some (non-motivated) students go.
That means we have less discretionary money, but more time together in the evenings.

Obviously there's nothing we can do about school and classes, but if I'm more available to help younger kids with homework in the evenings, Dave can focus on helping the older kids.

As a family we decided the oldest girls would stay in youth symphony, but Adriana and Mariah would stop doing junior symphony and after-school strings.  They still practice at home, and I am more aviailable to help them practice.  This will free up money, and 2 afternoons!

Annalisa will continue in gymnastics, and Mariah will continue in clogging - but because I shifted my schedule around, Dave also shifted his schedule around so he could take them.  This allows him to spend some quality time with his girls in the afternoon also.

Akayla chose to be in Century Singers this year, and she is really focusing on preparing for music scholarships , the ACT, and college - so the thing she has to let go is clogging.

She made the decision, and it was so hard.
So much praying and crying.....

She loves clogging, but she is struggling to keep up with the things that are the most important.
And it's not that clogging isn't important - it's just not going to help her prepare for college.

Unfortunately some people have been hurt by these decisions.

Some of my students, the junior symphony director, and Akayla's clogging teacher.

But we have to do what is best for ourselves and our family.

I hope the ache Akayla has feels better soon, and that her beautiful smile comes back - it was really hard to hurt her teacher!

good things:
growing up
book sales
freshly vacuumed carpet


Bingham Family said...

I had to catch up on all your posts... I already knew this, but, you are such an amazing family! Sheesh, no wonder the Lord sent you more than just a couple little spirits to raise! I want to "grow up" to be like you Ang!

Nathan and Shanna said...

Ang I cannot believe how amazing you and your family are. I love how you have your priorities straight and have realized for you and your family what is better and even best for that matter. I know how Akayla feels only from a different perspective. I had to give up teaching clogging to be a mother. That was very hard for me and at the time I thought I was going to die, but I didn't I still miss it, but I know that when the time comes I'll be able to pick it up again if I want! Her teacher will get over it. Wow what amazing kids you have. Thank you for sharing!