Saturday, March 9, 2013


My little tiny girls!

Annalisa and Adriana have always had a little bit of an explosive relationship.

They love love love each other one minute, and the next they're arguing about really dumb things.

Lately the thing to argue about most is their bedroom.

Adriana is very neat and tidy (one might even say extremely obsessive compulsively clean), and Annalisa is a little more free with her things.

They both want to change bedrooms around so that they don't have to live with each other any more.

In my opinion they need to learn how to get along and figure things out.

I don't think there is anything wrong with expressing your frustrations, or with feeling a little irritated with someone.

I also don't think there is anything wrong with not loving every little thing about everyone.

I happen to have an amazing relationship with my husband, but we both express our frustrations at times, and we both feel a little irritated with each other at times.  (gasp!)

I don't love every little tiny personality quirk my husband has (believe it or not), but I love him.

Because I love him I am willing to overlook some of those little things that are not my favorite about him.

What better way for my kids to learn how to deal with some of the problems that come in all relationships than with their sister that they actually love.

We can all use more practice!

Here's hoping the explosives calm down a bit very soon!!

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Annie and Family said...

We have that "fun" with our girls and their bedroom too. Good luck with that!

Lisa said...

I appreciate your honesty about family relationships not being perfect all the time!