Thursday, April 11, 2013

Miss Mariah

Mariah turned 9 the last day we were in Utah.

She had a pretty simple day - a yummy breakfast of her choice, watched a movie with everyone while mommy and daddy went to the temple, ran errands with me, and then a super delicious pasta dinner that grandma made.  

Then we drove home.

The next day she got to go out to dinner with just mommy & daddy, and then we had her family party with presents and cheesecake.

my mom and brother Foster lighting the cupcake!

Pizza Pie Cafe!

I remember the day Mariah was born.

She was my first baby born in water.

I loved it so much!

Everything happened like a textbook case.

A couple days before my due date, my midwife had me come to the birthing center and get things going.

I had about a 4 hour labor, and she came out smooth as silk and wide-eyed.

She just sat and stared at us for the longest time.

She was super calm and sweet.

That's pretty much how she's always been actually.

Not a lot of drama, and very calm and sweet most of the time.

She was also one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

She wasn't red and puffy like most newborns.

My parents had come to stay with our kids, and we brought Mariah back home a few hours after she was born.  Of course the kids loved her and couldn't get enough of her.

She slept very well from the beginning and was one of the easiest nursers also.

She didn't cry a lot as a baby, and was pretty content to sit in her swing or just sit in the room with all of us.

I feel very blessed to be Mariah's mom.

She is a very special girl, and has so many amazing talents.

She loves to be good, and is always so obedient and kind to others.

She feels things deeply and cares about important things.

I love to talk to her and hear her thoughts.

So grateful she's part of our family!!

good things:
turning 9
finally getting braces
good scores on tests

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