Saturday, October 5, 2013


 The past few weeks have flown by - here are just a few of the goings on around here (straight from my phone)......

Anna fell off a bike hanging out with her best buddy Adam Jones.
It was only sprained but she had to wear
this lovely (stinky) thing for 10 days

Akayla and her roomie Angela

Corina at Century's Homecoming game (they won 49-0)

Dad & Tanner wrestling

Corina & Tanner

I couldn't help but sneak a peak during the prayer and Landon was so cute I had to take a picture!

Mariah has made so many great friends at her new school.
This cute little girl is also in our ward at church and they are so silly together!

Adri loves to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup -
she is so cute!!

This was actually at a field trip to a nursery at the end of last year,
but it was on my phone and she just looked so cute!
I got to go and help, and it was so fun helping the kids plant these flowers!

Tanner is always coming up with weird picture
and video ideas on his ipod.
He makes me laugh!

Lea is nearly always in a princess dress,
and she & Elli love to dress up and perform for us
Daddy and his boy!

Tanner really loves babies - he is so sweet with Mason!

The PTA at our school put on a fall carnival.
Dad took the girls and had a great time!

good things:
warm sweaters (it's so cold already)
pumpkin everything
marking everything off of my list today

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