Monday, October 14, 2013

non-homecoming date

Corina & Forrest
Everyone else dressed more casually than Corina because of what
they were going to go do, but Corina doesn't do casual in public!!

Homecoming happened to be the same night as the Priesthood Session of General Conference, so some of the good boys at Corina's school decided to do a non-Homecoming date the weekend before.

They went to see The Lone Ranger, out to dinner at Subway, over to play at EP Athletics (where Corina got to show off her gymnastics skills - so happy she can still do some of her fancy tricks), then out to ice cream.  They ended the date with all 3 couples sitting in the parking lot talking.  Corina loved the group she was with and had a great time!

Not the same as dressing up and going to Homecoming, but a fun date anyway!!

good things:
fall smells
a nice busy weekend
feeling like myself again (mostly)

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