Sunday, October 20, 2013


I love the first grade stage - reading, excited, still little but kind of big, likes everyone, no friend drama, sensitive, innocent, and.....losing teeth.

Miss Elli pulled out her own top tooth this last week - the only one of our kids to be brave enough to do that.

We've had some issues with her going to school the past few weeks (too much change for one little girl this year).  Crying every morning because of little things that stressed her out.

We worked through most things - hot lunch caused her stress so we made cold lunch, the bus caused her stress so we walked her to school, getting up early to get ready for school caused her stress so we set everything out the night before and made sure she got to bed early.

We had several days with no crying in the morning (hooray!!).

But then she lost her tooth and we had the worst crying day of all because she thought she looked weird and the other kids would laugh at her.

We finally convinced her that all the kids in first grade are losing their teeth and that she looks darling!

Once she made it into her class and her teacher showed her the other kids with lost teeth all was well again.

I think she's adorable!


good things:
giggling kids
spinning in a princess dress
coming up with a solution

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Annie and Family said...

So sweet! I love the way they talk when they lose both teeth.