Friday, January 10, 2014

the end

I love Christmas break.

I love having my whole family home, and I love not having a schedule AT ALL.

I always regret going to bed so late every night and sleeping in --- but only because it's harder when school starts again!!

One of the gifts I gave to Annalisa, Mariah, and Elora was a full week at the FERRARA COOKING SCHOOL!

I taught them all kinds of fun things, and they (with me standing behind them) made lasagna, french bread, homemade pizza, chicken enchiladas, and cinnamon rolls.

It was sooooo fun for all of us.

I loved the time with them!

We got some new karaoke CD's and had lots of fun singing together........

we watched season 3 of Downton Abbey.......
(and plenty of other great movies all together)

Akayla & Corina played Piano Guys (I will miss hearing them play together)........

we had some fun playdates with good friends.......
(this is Elli and her very best friend in the whole world - Aubry Dixon)

all the girls had a spa night -
we soaked our feet and gave pedicures, 
we had facials and manicures,
we ate chocolate and Mariah made orange julius.  
It was completely lovely!!

we played Just Dance a bunch
(and several other fun games like The Animal Game and The Name Game).....  

  on the last day we went out to breakfast.....

.....and in the evening Dave took the 6 oldest kids out to see The Saratov Approach.  Such an inspiring movie!

We drove Akayla back on Sunday and there were no tears.
She was excited about being back at school, and we knew she'd be home soon to open her mission call!!

good things:
back on schedule
a new year
making changes

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