Thursday, March 13, 2014


Blogging has long been something I need and love.

I can't believe how frustrating it is to me lately though.

Somehow my blog had some malware attached to it.
I removed every evidence of malware, but Blogger still had it locked until today.

I took 4 hours creating a new blog, and then it was unlocked.


It's been nearly a month since I posted.

Just a regular month with nothing really special happening.

It's funny/sad how fast time flies.

I remember when my kids were little and I just was so anxious for the time when we would have one of them old enough to babysit. (With my first daughter I thought she had to be 12 to be left alone with kids. Now I even leave my 9 year old with kids sometimes!  I had 6 kids before she turned 12!!)

Those days seemed slower - not that I was wishing for the time to pass, but the days felt so much longer.

Now in the blink of an eye my kids are growing up and moving on.

Anna's latest hobby -
making matching friendship bracelets for her sisters

Those who don't know Corina well would never believe
what a goofball she is!
She and her friend Molly were playing at the dollar store

Mason's adorable smile - his crinkled up nose reminds me
of my grandpa Johnson

Corina was accepted to BYU -Idaho and BYU-Provo.
She is choosing Provo.
We're so excited for her!
My little Tarzan boy!

The girls in Annalisa's new beehive class at church came
and decorated her door and left treats.
Such cute girls!!

Mr. Mason is learning to scoot - mostly backwards,
 but he's getting there!

Lea likes it when I do pretty princess things in her hair
and wants me to take pictures-
 unless she isn't in the mood of course
(which is every other day)
Adri is working on a needle -
just needs to get her back leg completely straight.
Hurts to just look at it!
Tanner's one and only love!
He bought this drumset from my brother for a sweet deal!
I'd rather him spend time with this than girls!!
(He does have a major crush on a certain girl,
but I'm not telling who!!)
good things:
blogging again
getting enough sleep for once
baby kisses

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