Saturday, August 9, 2014


I know I won't be popular for admitting this.....
but New York City is not my favorite place in the world.

I think it's stinky, dirty, loud, and downright obnoxious.

I'm kind of a strange person - I know.
I tend to prefer things that inspire me.
I don't have a lot of time, so when I read, watch something or spend time with something or someone I want it to uplift and make me a better person.

New York entertained me for sure, but there was very little in it that was inspiring.

But I have to admit - it's also pretty dang exciting.

Our hotel was just a couple blocks down from Times Square, so we went out exploring right away.

As soon as we hit Broadway I just had to gasp!

I couldn't believe we were REALLY THERE!!! 

It is so much more AMAZING in real life than in the movies and pictures.

3 days in New York City --- Cake Boss Bakery (though we didn't indulge), Rockafeller Plaza, Les Miserables at the Imperial Theater, shopping and browsing in the theater district, Chinatown, Little Italy, Ferrara Bakery, Empire State Building, Manhattan Temple, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (those were both very inspiring), Central Park, 9/11 Memorial, so many subways, the coolest Toys R Us store ever, and don't forget the food of New York.  We had a little taste of everything (well - I'll admit Dave had a little taste of everything.  I couldn't eat much of anything, but I did eat a lot of salad.....) 

We did take the subways a lot, but we also walked a ton.  

I felt like I wanted to take about 5 showers a day because of the humidity.

It was really hot.

Dave's favorite was probably Ellis Island, because his grandfather came there from Sicily maybe 80-something years ago.  It was a very moving experience for him to be there.  

It was a wonderful 3 days!

I was so glad I was with my hubby though - he's super fun and adventurous, and I'm a little  lot more timid.  He had really prepared before we left so he knew the subway routes and exactly when and where we needed to go.  It made our time there so much better because it was a lot less stressful!

I wasn't too sad to leave behind the disgusting bathrooms - gross!  Anyone else have experience with that?  Holy cow.  Maybe the problem was that I just had to use too many of those public restrooms.  Ugh!
On Broadway!

View from our hotel - we were on the 7th floor

Cake Boss -- we didn't make it all the way out to Hoboken New Jersey, but this was close enough!
I love Cake Boss!

dorky selfies on the subway

Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy

on top of the Empire State Building

that silly musical is actually a good missionary tool - I'll have to share a story sometime
After being in such an unfamiliar and frankly frightening place for 3 days, Dave and I headed off to church on Sunday morning.  They happened to hold church in the temple on one of the floors, so we took a bus and walked several blocks.  I had my head down and Dave told me to look up.  I did and immediately saw the angel Moroni.  An immediate feeling of peace and familiarity washed over me.  I started crying and cried the entire meeting.  I love that wherever you go you can feel at home even though your family and familiar surroundings are across the country.  What a wonderful experience!
There's your Mormon Moment for the day :)

Manhattan temple

Ellis Island

a picture of the actual ship Dave's grandfather immigrated from Sicily to the United States on

We think this was called the Millennium Tower
but it was really late and the humidity was starting to fog up our brains
This was part of the 9/11 Memorial

on our way to Boston 

good things:
showers at night
sleeping with a/c on full blast


Erika said...

I think I understand you! I have no desire to go to NYC because all I think of is crowds, germs, and being very dirty. However, the statue of Liberty must have been wonderful! Thanks for sharing so we can enjoy vicariously!
How was Les Miserables?

CandyGirl said...

BTW loved seeing you tonight at Grandma's Party! I felt very similar about New York. In movies and T.V. shows NY is romanticized a ton and it's seen as this awesome artsy place where people go to find themselves and to understand the world better. The biggest thing I found myself thinking while in New York was "where are the trees and some grass." Of course I did find it in Central Park but growing up with majestic mountains outside my window a park even as big as Central Park just didn't do it for me. The other scary thing for me is that my husband worked most of the time we were there so I was on my own 90% of the time and it was SCARY! I cried on the street more than once and felt pretty lonely. Needless to say, I like living in a suburban area, like Orem, Utah.