Wednesday, June 1, 2016

so much about Tanner....

l-r, top to bottom:  with his favorite seminary teacher
with grandma Johnson
with (almost) all the kids in our ward who graduated with him

Mal & Tanner

held at the Holt Arena

Tanner & Adri really are best buds!
They had several parties together the last day of school
at our house and I love that they have so many common friends!


Tanner & his special friend Emily
Tanner's mission call came the day after graduation.  I'm sure it was a long long day of work once he knew it was here!

Tanner invited just a few special friends and our family to be with him when he opened his call.

Extended family (including married sisters) were skyping & face-timing too.

He will be serving in the Montana, Billings mission and he enters the Missionary Training Center on August 31st.  

We have exactly 3 months left before he leaves for 2 years!

We asked him how he felt after graduation, and he said he felt ready to be an elder.

We're all so excited for him, and also so pleased with his desire to serve anywhere the Lord needs Him.  He will be a good, faithful missionary.

good things:
sleeping in
a great boss
finishing a project

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