Thursday, February 24, 2011

happy Anna, sad Anna

Monday was Annalisa's birthday.

Her birthday fell on the perfect day because it was also President's Day so there was NO SCHOOL!!!

She got to go out to lunch with mommy & daddy.
She chose Pizza Hut for the 4th year in a row. (At least it's better than McDonalds!)

She chose spaghetti for dinner and cheesecake instead of a cake (my kind of girl!).

She got to talk to grandma & bumpa on the phone and nana & grandpa on skype.

Her favorite present was an mp3 player.
She hasn't taken it out of her ears since Monday.

It was a great day!

Tuesday her tooth started hurting a lot and kept hurting on Wednesday.
We couldn't get her in to the dentist until Thursday.

When they got her in the dentist's chair they discovered an infection and an abscess in her tooth and the tooth really needed to go.

They pulled the tooth and it REALLY hurt!

Poor Anna had a chubby swollen cheek all day!

The only thing that made her smile was the large hot chocolate I got her from Maverik.

Luckily she was fine when she woke up this morning.
She wouldn't want to miss casual Friday and her class birthday party.

I'm bringing a special treat to her class to celebrate her birthday!
good things:
resiliant children
our gentle and very kind dentist
cheesecake with raspberries


Annie and Family said...

Sheesh that is one big tooth! Poor kid. Glad she had a good birthday.

Unknown said...

Sounds like she had a great birthday! I'm glad that her tooth is feeling better.

Marley Family said...

Happy Birthday Anna, You brave little lady!