Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anna Banana's birthday

Annalisa turned 6 on Thursday. We only have birthday parties when out kids turn 5 and 10, but for some reason (probably because I was very pregnant) we didn't do one last year for Anna. We had an "Under the Sea" party that turned out really fun. The best games were the fishing pond and pin the legs on the octopus. We all thought it was pretty funny that the octopus ended up with several legs on his nose! The fish cake and blue dolphin jell-o jigglers were a hit, but they all ate their "worms" in a blanket and goldfish crackers in a snap! I have since learned (thanks mom!) that you should invite only one more child than the age of the birthday child (in other words about 7 kids) but we had 13 kids here! Annalisa loved it and she got so many nice gifts. We are going to laminate the little placemats they each made and bring them to her friends with a thank-you note!My little sweetie is getting so big! I remember the minute she was born my first thought was (besides THANK HEAVENS SHE'S FINALLY OUT!) , "she looks just like me when I was a baby"! She had my slanty eyes and my nose. My mom said the same thing when she saw her. We named her after my sweet Grandma Miriam. WE LOVE YOU ANNA BANANA!


Tamara said...

Okay - you are just SO CREATIVE, to fun!!! You must be "partied out" after your mom's too. Great pictures of your sweet Anna Banana. :o)

Genelle said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

I have this strategy of remembering your kid's birthdays.
Corina- The same birthday as Harry Potter, in the book.
Tanner-I don't really know about Tanner. I just know it's in June, because he's the only boy.
Anna- She's so cute and loveable, like Valentines day, February.
Elli- When's her birthday again?

P.S. I'm sorry I always go on those rants. I'll leave short and sweet messages from now on.

Carissa said...

That cake is awesome, Ang! It looks seriously delicious! You should've saved me some :)