Monday, February 11, 2008

Night of the Tights!

I took Elli's clothes and tights off last night to get her into pajamas and Corina put the tights on her head. Of course she managed to spit all over her onesie (which is what she does when she's really excited)! She looked so funny and we were all laughing so much that all the other kids ran and got tights on their heads. They were all being so silly and we were all laughing and having a great time. I don't pull out my camera nearly enough so I made sure to get some pictures this time so we could remember the "night of the tights"!


The Ridings said...

Soooo cute! We have many pictures like this a favorite of our family is putting on a dad shirt and stuffing it with pillows and then wresting. The kids think it is a riot!

Lisa said...

Way to get that camera out Ang! Cute pictures!

Genelle said...

Ang, I'm glad you have a blog! This way, your house doesn't get cluttered with pictures, and it's much more easy to use than a scrapbook.

*You're addicted to blogging, and I'm addicted to your blog!