Monday, February 11, 2008

Room for Three

We love our house, but it is a little small for our large family. The rooms are really only big enough for one child. Our 3 oldest kids have their own room (for now), but in another room we have 3 sharing. In order to use the space the most efficiently, Dave created these loft beds. Adriana and Annalisa have the high beds, then Mariah gets the one on the floor. This way we still have room for a large dresser and a desk in the room. The girls love their beds, and I don't think they mind not having their own room (yet). The words on the top say "What are little girls made of? Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice". It's a cute girly room for three.


Lisa said...

ang, i'm going to be doing this post soon too. As soon as we get Luke into his room (which Megan is in now) she'll be moving upstairs with the Katie and Emily. It's an ok size room so will fit a bunk bed and toddler bed just fine. But how do you get them to all go to sleep??? We're worried about that one!

Genelle said...

Maybe you should come over here and redo MY room!