Tuesday, February 26, 2008

School Skating Party

Our school had a fundraiser recently and with some of the extra cash they provided a pizza/skating party at Deleta Skating. I think Akayla and Corina were most excited that they could wear regular clothes (and Akayla could wear makeup) instead of their school uniforms. It was a great party. All the kids had a blast! Tanner and his best buddy played on the "Big Toy" most of the time but they skated a few times around the rink. Akayla had several boys trying to skate with her so I was keeping an eye out (I don't like boys around my little girls!). She also played laser tag with a group of friends. Corina had jammed her toe the day before and it was REALLY swollen and purple. She was just planning on watching everyone, but her sweet friends picked her up and stuck her in our double stroller with Elli and pushed her around. She even had a couple of boys really get her going fast around the rink. She enjoyed being carted around, and Elli was loving it! I never got any pictures of Adriana. She goes skating so fast I couldn't get anything good of her. Annalisa's favorite part was playing the arcade games, and Mariah went around the rink only once because she stayed by the side and inched her way along.
It was a great party!


Genelle said...

Well, Well, well. Why wasn't I invited?
Your "little girls" are growing up, I'd say. I'm envious of them both! I wish I had boys CONSTANTLY begging for my attention.

P.S. Ang, your blog is too cute. I think I'll spread the word. This is too good to pass up.

P.S.S. I feel like I'm the only one leaving you any messages. Tell your friends not to be shy, and to leave a few words of friendly commentary!

ferrara fam said...

You are too funny, Genelle! They are only 11 and 12 and you know how boys give attention in 6th grade (by being annoying). I don't think you'd like that!