Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day!

I love old sappy love movies. I love that my husband loves to watch them with me! Our Valentines tradition: I give my son a heart box of chocolates and Dave gives each one of our girls a rose and we write love notes to each other. Then we watch any chick flick I choose. Happy Valentines Day!


Lisa said...

Cute fun traditions Ang. We don't really have any traditions for Valentines Day and do something different every year. This year we decorated the dinner table with cute pink everything and I wrapped a small pink present with a jar or valentines candy and put it beside each person's plate. It was really fun... My favorite, though, is reading my husband's love letters. It's always what I want!

Genelle said...

Oh my gosh! Didn't you get that lingerie I sent you, Ang?